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The Caribbean is one region, and in many ways, one united community, but with myriad vibrant, individual cultures. Each island has its own historical influences, resulting in different traditions, cuisine, cocktails, festivals, and music.

There are two main seasons in the Caribbean: the wet season and the dry season. The wet season is characterized by higher humidity and more rainfall and runs from May to November. The dry season is generally drier and cooler and runs from December to April.
Places to See
A trip to the Caribbean may be just what you need if you're in search of some sun, sand and relaxation. With relaxing beaches like Grace Bay, Turks and Caicos, or exciting adventure like Pig Beach in the Bahamas, or even beautiful cities to explore like San Juan, Puerto Rico, there is everything you need.
Famous For...
Known for idyllic beaches and sparkling turquoise seas, the Caribbean is a popular destination for sun-seekers in search of a tropical escape. Some famous spots are the El Yunque National Forest, Playa Flamenco, Reach Falls, or even Blue Hole.