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    Cruising to Alaska in 2024

    Picture this: an exhilarating dog-sled trek across a snow-covered glacier, accessed by a thrilling helicopter ride. Or perhaps, indulge in the authentic flavors of Alaska guided by a professional fisherwoman and wilderness chef who’ll reveal the art of turning the freshest catch into mouthwatering delights.

    The best part? Your journey is entirely customizable. With Private JourneysSM, you’ll explore Alaska like a true VIP, leaving the beaten path behind. If you prefer a more intimate experience, our Small Group Discoveries will take you off the tourist track.


    Christmastime from Budapest to Vienna

    Embarking on a magical holiday journey through Europe’s enchanting Christmas markets sounds like a dream come true! Wishing you a delightful and festive adventure filled with the warmth of the season, the joy of local traditions, and the beauty of winter landscapes. May your holiday be adorned with the spirit of togetherness, the aroma of delicious treats, and the twinkling lights of Christmas markets, creating cherished memories to last a lifetime. 

    Safe travels, happy holidays, and may your heart be as light as a snowflake during this wondrous time of the year! 🎄❄️✨



    Growing up in sunny Southern California exposed me to great beaches, vast cities, and awesome weather. It’s only natural that I gravitated towards the Caribbean as well!

    I began traveling to Costa Rica regularly and enjoyed zip-lining, hiking in the rainforest, and visiting historic coffee plantations. I love this country so much that I even want to retire there! As my own vacations grew more complex, I realized that I enjoyed planning almost as much as arriving! I decided to leave my previous job and jump right into the travel industry, and I couldn’t be happier!

    I now specialize in exciting vacations that mix leisure and adventure in numerous destinations. I want my clients to truly understand the culture of their destination while also enjoying the best it has to offer. I prepare unique experiences based on my client’s interests, and I create an itinerary that is guaranteed to be memorable.

    Every vacation is unique, and I will work with you to create a personalized trip that’s beyond compare! As your travel agent, I will:

    • Simplify the booking process
    • Ease any worries you have before departure
    • Maximize your time and enjoyment
    • Create an itinerary tailored to you
    • Be available 24/7
    • And more!

    I recently booked the first Orange County Catholic Cruise for a charity organization, and I hope to continue booking for charity groups around the world. Knowing that I helped make this important trip possible means the world to me, and I want to make a difference in all of my client’s lives by providing the perfect vacation!

    I try to live life without stress, and I will bring the same philosophy to your vacation. I will prepare you for your trip so you arrive without any concerns or worries. I will also be available around the clock so you always get the assistance you need.

    I want to make your next vacation the best it can be. Call me today to start booking!