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Carole Burns

Certified Travel Advisor

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    Carole Burns has traveled across the United States, Canada, and overseas. The unique part of this is the fact that she did this with her son who has special needs.

    Navigating airports, car rental counters, hotels and local attractions can be difficult enough in the best of situations, but when you have to keep in mind accessibility or stimulation levels, well let’s just say your relaxing vacation can quickly become overwhelming to plan and opportunities are forgotten or pushed aside.

    Everyone should be allowed to experience life in the least restrictive environment. Carole is available to help research venues and take that stress away. Her past experience can help you avoid and reduce the chance for problems.

    Whether you need assistance with a special needs vacation – or just looking forward to a vacation that you can enjoy without the stress of being the sole planner – Carole is here to explore your options!

    What are you waiting for? Adventure awaits!

    Give Carole a call to set up your next vacation!!

    I began my love for travel at an early age. We had a large family of twelve which made it difficult to plan any type of vacation outside of camping. I still love to camp and get away from the modern trappings of the work week, but discovered the art of road trips in my early twenties.

    My goal was to travel to as many of the continental states as I could, I am close to finishing that goal! I love to travel by car – it allows time to take in different scenery and learn more from the historical sites along the way. 

    I’ve always enjoyed meeting new people and discovering their stories. You can’t get more personal than stopping in their ‘backyard’ and finding what makes them unique.

    You rarely find me at home on the weekends, I plan what we call ‘one tank trips’ with my son and using an elaborate game of dice discover the many towns and interesting locations around Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

    I am always available by phone and my laptop is in the trunk of my car to assist clients should the need arise.

    I look forward to working with you and showing you how to make your next family trip the best it can be!



    • Certified Travel Advisor
    • Certified Cruise Advisor (In Progress)
    • Special Needs Travel Advisor
    • Certified Autism Travel Professional

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    Canada, India, Italy, Ireland, Wales, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France, Eurorail, London, Cross Country Amtrak, Route 66, All 50 States, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Alaska Cruise