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Sarah Hole


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    I love to get lost and find my way back. My own passion for discovery and exploring the world has led me to pursue a career in the travel industry, and I’m enjoying every minute.

    I’ve been working as a travel agent for a year, but I also have more than 10 years worth of experience in event planning. Ultimately, my goal is to combine my enthusiasm with my skills in order to create incredible, memorable trips for all of my clients.

    I do not believe that travel packages can be boxed up and sold to the masses. Travel is a personal experience, and each itinerary should be customized in order to fit the needs and desires of the travelers. Truth be told, I don’t have a favorite destination to book for my clients. While I’m happy to make recommendations based on my education, research and personal experience, I am most excited when I am booking a destination that has been a long-time dream of those I am working with at the time.

    Reasons to book with me include:

    I am an experienced world traveler who understands the necessary components of a picture-perfect trip. I have traveled through all 50 states, throughout Canada, and overseas to Cambodia, France, South Korea and Brazil, to name a few destinations.

    I am constantly pursuing new certifications and specializations within the industry. Currently, I am certified with Nexion and I am finishing up the final level of the certification process with Princess Cruise Lines.

    I have planned several destination weddings. I am particularly experienced in planning destination weddings to Hawaii, but I also have done extensive research on the licensing requirements in all 50 states.

    I enjoy booking group trips. In the past, I have booked family reunion cruise trips as well as volunteer and service trips overseas.

    I am the person you want to call during a crisis. At any point during your trip, I am available to help you solve any unexpected issues that may arise.

    You don’t need a good excuse to book a vacation. Now is the perfect time to invest in yourself and in your family. Contact me today to learn more about the exciting travel opportunities that are available!

    Ramel would like to bring this joy to your life making your travel
    experiences truly memorable and one of a kind.

    Ramel has traveled to the Caribbean with multiple cruise lines as well as cruised to Alaska. The Caribbean and all-inclusive vacations are also one of her specialties.

    Ramel has planned many group travel events keeping all travelers special interests in mind. The attention to detail she
    will take will make the difference in your trip. It could be the entertainment on a cruise ship or the special classes at an all inclusive resort. Ramel wants your trip to be memorable and to share those memories with others.



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